A Shadow In The Dark
Clint Barton. Ronin. Former Hawkeye. Ex criminal. Ex SHIELD agent. Now rejoined Avenger and part of whatever is left of SHIELD. I might have swapped the bow for a sword, but don't let that fool you: I am still one of the best.

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The Best Man Speech

Clint had watched the ceremony -actually watched it- silent for the most time, with Anya on one arm and Natasha next to him, remembering how much had changed since the last wedding he had been at…almost everything, to be honest. Most of them were good changes, to be honest. Thor and Jane getting married and a family, Clint having a family of his own. With Zeke back and his sight, there was really nothing he could feel terrible about today. When the time for the reception came though, he gave Anya over to Natasha, as much as he enjoyed holding here since he was actually able again to do so. Kind of nervous he straightened his jacket - Clint always felt a bit uncomfortable in suits, but the real reason here was that he had never held such a speech and wasn’t quite sure if he’d be able to go through it all.

"Thor, Jane - congratulations you two. You look truly happy tonight…and being able to see that is probably the greatest thing that could have happened to me." With a short grin, Clint faced the bride. "You look lovely, Jane. If it wasn’t for two people who would have killed me…well, three, you included, I might had married you myself. But oh well, you’ll have to deal with that big stubborn guy for the rest of your life now…which will hopefully a long and content one." He winked before he coughed, returning to his speech.

"Seriously though, in all the time I’ve seen you two, you’ve overcome so much. Distrust and fights, between you two and between you and the rest of the world. You learned adjusting to your partner and loving them with all you’ve got. You’ve learned living without them and enjoying rather staying with them and every step you took led you here, to this day, and you couldn’t have taken a better way. With all the experiences you have, all the trust and love in each other the future really can’t hold any terrors for you - you know how you can deal with all of them and that there is nothing that could destroy the two of you."

"If there was a picture for your relationship it would probably be a bridge. Since I’ve known Jane she tried to repair the bridge to Asgard and she gets completly lost in her work. There she’s the strongest, the most determined…she’s happy. And Thor, he came here to fight a war and he was a stranger, lost in a world he didn’t know and stranded. He needed that bridge to return to his home. And here they are, both of them, and I see Jane and she found someone to care for, someone she can be happy with, someone who sees the best in her and makes it even better and who sees her flaws and helps her to overcome them. And I see Thor and suddenly he isn’t so lost anymore. He found a home at Jane’s side. He found a place to belong, something that is worth to fight any war for, something that makes him to be at peace. So really, the connection between Asgard and Migard is not the bridge…it’s you two." Well, that had been the hard part. Time to finish up and finally speaking some congratulations in private.

"I really don’t want to bore you any longer", and to be honest, his throat was going hoarse, "…so instead let’s raise our glasses to Jane and Thor, the loveliest couple ever to connect two realms. May you have many wonderful years and more happy memories than sad ones. Congratulations!"