A Shadow In The Dark
Too small to turn the tide
too stubborn to give in
pushed by pain and pride
to face these fears and win

Clint Barton. Ronin. Former Hawkeye. Ex criminal. Ex SHIELD agent. Now rejoined Avenger and part of whatever is left of SHIELD. I might have swapped the bow for a sword, but don't let that fool you: I am still one of the best.

[Clint Barton RP blog, post CA:TWS by default, but accepts other verses too. Part of the Assvengers, but open to everyone. Semi selective. MCU with dashes of comic canon (Ultimates/616) and own headcanons.]

There are things we think we cannot bear, but we can bear them. We do bear them.
—Clara, The Paradise (via fuascailt)

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Rest for the Wicked


Jet lag was a bitch.  Jet lag coming in hot on the tail of a retreating flu strain?  That was the ninth circle of hell.

Still, the look on Clint’s face as they pulled up to the private beach house made it all worth it.  As they climbed out of the car and retrieved their bags, Tony watched his lover look everything over, a tired smile washing over his own features.  “If they try to, there are going to be a lot of angry questions asked,” he replied firmly, “And I will ask them while wearing the most scandalous bathing suit I can find, because it’s my vacation time, and my beach house, and also because I like to keep the PR department on their toes.”

Tony could hear the sound of the waves lapping at the shore just around the other side of the house, could feel the breeze coming off the water, and breathed in deeply.  He had needed this for a while, as much as he was loathe to admit it; he loved his work, always would, but sometimes even he needed a break from it, away from the press, away from everyone watching him, wanting something, wanting it made better, or stronger, or-

He exhaled as Clint’s lips touched his chin briefly.  “Really, it was no trouble.  Forgot I even had this place, but Jarvis had it saved in my private servers.  Everything should be all cleaned up, fridge stocked, the works.  Which is good, really, because going to the grocery store is never a good idea for me, I always bring back weird shit.”

"Please tell me I get to have a look at that bathing suit." Seeing Tony joke around was a goddamn gift - he had been through so much the past few days that Clint had almost worried about him flying, but the distance would do them both good, and well…what was more relaxing than spending your free days with sun, the ocean and copious amounts of sex?

"Remind me to test you on this and send you shopping at least once." Clint felt the pressure of the last days leave as he relaxed against Tony’s body and pulled him into a kiss. Normally he was careful about showing affection as long as they were outside, because Tony was a man loved by the media and with being on the Avengers Clint had been featured on a few photographs himself, but they were alone here. They could stop worrying for a while.

When he parted, there was an almost playful look in his eye and with a grin he picked up the bags. “Come on, Mr Stark. Won’t you show me around so I get to know the place?”

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the worst part of my laptop only working for maybe an hour before it has to cool is that all my music is on there and it’s awfully quiet when i do other things


Broken Things (And People)


Tony was far too familiar with walking himself back home with his body at less than 100% - far less than that, closer to 50%, and that was a maximum - so the help was more than welcome.  Another jaw-cracking yawn, and his eyelids were drooping even further.  “Might need to aim for a closer target.  Couch might be more realistic.”  Hell, even a couple of pillows tossed into the elevator sounded good about now.

The way the lights came on at only half brightness did not go unnoticed, and Tony managed to flash a tired smile at where he knew Jarvis’s closest camera was located, undetectable to almost anyone who hadn’t seen the penthouse’s blueprints.

Eventually, they made it to the bedroom, and Tony all but collapsed on top of the silken sheets, too tired now to even bother stripping off the black flight suit.  His ribs gave a slight twinge of protest, and he rolled over on his other side to avoid aggravating the injury further.  With a unintelligible mumble, he reached back to pat the open space beside him in invitation.

"Well, I do plan to make true on my promise of you sleeping on the couch." Clint gave Tony a small smile as he walked him through the house, one arm securely around  his waist. "But only after you have gotten better. I think today was hard enough on everyone…"

And what a crazy day it had been. He had felt betrayed, basically broken up, almost lost Tony and confessed his love for him all in less than 24 hours. Even without being injured for once, Clint felt exhausted, so he didn’t hesitate when Tony gestured him closer. He simply kicked off his shoes and then stretched out next to Tony, pressing his face half in the pillow, half against Tony’s neck. “Tomorrow will be better, you’ll see”, he hummed, pressing a quick kiss against his skin as he draped one arm over him - light enough to not hurt him.

"And once you woke up we can…talk, if you want to. There were a few questions you had, if I remember correctly."

I remember the part where I buried my head so deep in my hands; all around me was dark.
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Tony groaned as his mind shook off the grips of sleep.  He stretched, body arching with the motion, and made a surprised noise as a familiar, calloused hand slid around his side, down his stomach, and into the waistband of the sweats he’d thrown on last night.

"Well, good morning to you, too," he purred, pushing back into the warmth behind him.

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A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other.
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Hawkeye: Blindspot #2 (2011)

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